Cyclegraphics FAQ

Cyclegraphics Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a custom graphic, OEM replacement graphic or a graphic in different colors than I see in the website/catalog?

We are not able to produce custom graphics or custom colors. The patented material Cyclegraphics are made from is very difficult to print on. With each production run, we throw away a large number of graphic sheets simply setting up color registrations on the presses. The cost of this waste prohibits us from running small custom projects. However, we do like to hear your suggestions.

We also do not make OEM graphics. Manufacturers like HD charge extreme licensing fees for reproducing their logos and graphics. We have chosen not to license other company's graphics at this time.

Can Cyclegraphics be clear coated over to make them permanent?

We do not guarantee our graphics if they are clear coated over. We intend them to be reusable. But, customers have written to us explaining that they have clear coated over our graphics using a clear coat that is compatible with vinyl. They write that they first roughen up the paint surface and spray on a light clear coat, then when it tacks up, they install the graphic. Several layers of clear coat over the top complete the process. Check with your painter and test a sample of the graphic before you proceed. Keep in mind, that our graphics are not returnable if they have been altered in any way.

Will they fit my bike?

Cyclegraphics are not made for specific bikes, but are designed to fit the smooth and painted areas of any bike. We have downloadable fit patterns to help you test fit a particular Cyclegraphic to you bike, available on our 'Downloads' page. You may also call us toll free at 1-800-914-2008 for dimensions and color samples of any graphic.

Are Cyclegraphics opaque? Will they hide my existing decal?

Yes. They will adhere to your existing clear coated decal and its colors will not be visible through the Cyclegraphic.

How do they stay on?

We use a patented vinyl material that, when heated with a hair dryer, acts like millions of tiny suction cups. It stays soft and supple for more than a year, allowing it to be reused over and over by following the simple installation instructions that come with each kit.

How do Cyclegraphics react to polish/wax?

Cyclegraphics should be installed on a wax-free surface or one that has not been waxed within 14 days. After the graphic has been properly installed we do recommend that it be waxed over. Waxing will help protect and prolong the life of the Cyclegraphic. When waxing, wipe from the center of the graphic out away from the edges to avoid forcing wax under the graphic.

Can I wash and wax my bike with the Cyclegraphics still on?

Yes. After the Cyclegraphics are applied, you can hand wash your bike by wiping away from the edges no water is forced under the graphic. However, intense pressure washing is definitely not recommended because it may lift the Cyclegraphics and require you to reinstall them wwhen dry.

Can you overlap the graphics?

Yes, our graphics will adhere to each other as well as they do your bike's surface, so flames can be twisted and layered, cards can be overlapped and designs be ganged up to cover large areas like front fairings or even on cars and trucks.

Will your graphics work on cars and trucks?

Yes, our graphics will adhere to any clean, shiny surface including cars and trucks. Many of our designs work well on cars and trucks, like all of our flag series, Flames and Emblem Covers.

Will Cyclegraphics damage my paint?

No. The patented vinyl that Cyclegraphics are made of is totally inert and will not react with paint, metal, glass or plastics. It will however, react with fresh wax, so it is important not to install Cyclegraphics on a paint finish that has been waxed within 14 days. But, for the best results, we recommend that you strip the wax with a strong detergent (not soap) or a cleaner with ammonia in it before installing Cyclegraphics.

What if gasoline gets on my Cyclegraphics?

Some care should be taken not to get gasoline on Cyclegraphics, but they can withstand limited exposure to it. It should be wiped off as soon as possible and then rewaxed.

How and where do you ship? What does it cost?

We ship worldwide. U.S. orders ship by USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking (2 to 3 days delivery), International orders ship by USPS Air Letter Post as Printed Material, (10 to 12 days delivery). Our shipping charges are listed in our web shopping cart which you can access by clicking the 'Go To Cart' icon on the left side of the page under the menu.

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