What Is This!?!


Reusable motorcycle graphics? That sounds different!

Well, it is!

Until now, all motorcycle graphics have been virtually permanent. Once you've applied them they are almost impossible to change. They either leave an adhesive mess or are destroyed during removal. But, no longer!

We design and manufacture unique motorcycle graphics that are easy to apply, durable, long lasting, and best of all, they peel off when you're ready for a change--without adhesives or magnets.

Does it really work? Oh, yes...! See what our customers say about Cyclegraphics on our 'Customer Comments' page, then see Cyclegraphics on their bikes on our 'Customer's Bikes' page!

Reusable & Removable!

The beauty of our graphics is not only in the designs; you can apply them and peel them off as many times as you like. You no longer have to make that agonizing decision of how you want your bike to permanently look. Have fun! With our graphics you could change the look of your bike every time you ride, or leave them on all season long! Cyclegraphics are printed with durable colorfast, UV resistant outdoor inks and will retain their ability to adhere to surfaces like gas tanks, side covers, fenders and fairings, for season after season. Cyclegraphics adhere to any smooth surface that is not subject to engine heat. Rain or shine, wind or waxing, they stay on until you want them off! You can expect them to last at least a two to three, but some customers have kept them on and looking good for much, much longer. It really depends on the level of exposure to the elements and abrasions, which waxing is a great defense against.

Easy On / Easy Off!

We print our graphics on vinyl that has been treated with special plastisizers to greatly enhance its clinging properties. That's what gives them the ability to adhere to any smooth surface of your bike. Cyclegraphics have been tested to adhere in wind speeds in excess of 150mph. By properly using our easy application method, they will stay on and not come off... until you're ready to remove or reposition them! Simply peel up a corner and the graphic peels off without leaving anything behind! And... when you're ready to reuse them, wash 'em off and follow these instructions and they're right back on!

For more detailed information on application, see the 'Cyclegraphics Installation Instructions', available for view or download on our 'Downloads Page'!

This is how easy it is to apply our graphics.

Heat... is your friend!!

For this example we will install our popular Emblem Cover kit: Checkered Flag Banners - #200300.

The first step is to completely wash the smooth surface you plan to apply the graphic to. It must be completely clean, dry and free of wax, oils and dust.

Use heat to warm the application surface and the graphic to soften it. This activates the ingredients that allow it to adhere without adhesives. Heat also dries any moisture that may get trapped under the graphic during application.

Apply the Cyclegraphic...

Work the graphic down by gently stretching it as you go, following the bike's curves and contours. If it does not end up exactly where you want it, just peel it back and try again, as many times as you want to... Experiment!

As you are working to apply a graphic around complex bodywork remember to be patient. Use ample heat, and carefully work one area at a time. The result will be worth the effort!

Trim to fit for a custom look...

Position the graphic where you want it. If necessary, let the piece you intend to trim off hang over the edge, or gently fold it back so you can position the rest of the graphic correctly.

Once the graphic is like you want it, use a fine point pen to mark the along the edge you want to trim to. Peel it back up enough to use a pair of scissors, to cut along the "keep" side of your line. Then rub it back down.

Check your work...

If you did not get all the bubbles out while working the graphic, let it cool for a few minutes. Without applying heat, use a soft damp cloth or sponge to work the remaining bubbles out to the edges. Don't worry if tiny bubbles remain. Over the next few days any trapped air will migrate out through the edge of the vinyl.

Run your hair dryer over the entire graphic one last time to make sure all areas are attached and dry. Then, using your fingertips check the entire perimeter of the Cyclegraphic, making sure you have total adhesion around the edges.

With a dry cloth, gently polish off any smudges or fingerprints...

...and you're done! It's that easy!

...then when you're ready for a change, just peel it right off and save it to put back on again later!

For more detailed information on application, see the 'Cyclegraphics Installation Instructions', available on our 'Downloads Page'!

And for more information about our products, check our 'Cyclegraphics FAQ' page or inquire using the info on our 'Contact Us' page.

Reusable Motorcycle Graphics

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